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  • Redis 3.x or greater
  • It is also recommended to enable reCAPTCHA on the applicant portal.


In the applicant portal configuration the following line needs to be added.

<!-- Redis cache configuration-->
<add key="CacheEndpoint" value="REDIS_CONNECTION_STRING" />

After the configruation of the applicant portal has been completed, double-opt-in needs to be activated for an applicant portal in the eRecruiter settings.

  • Administration → Miscellaneous → Applicant portal settings → {ApplicantPortal} → General settings → Double-Opt-In registration.

After activating this option, double-opt-in should be activated for registration on the applicant portal.


  1. The double-opt-in information will be stored for 24 hours and removed if the activation is not completed.
  2. The workflow that is completed by the applicant can be viewed in the Double-OptIn user documentation.