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Update the application server

In case of update from eRecruiter v1.x to v2.x, the following packages must be updated at the application server:

  • .NET Framework 4.7.1

To ensure full functionality the eRecruiter should have permanent internet access.

Update announcement

Because the update process takes a longer time the update window should be communicated to the users. Normally a time window of about 1 hour  should be expected. The actual duration depends on the experience of eRecruiter update procedure and the actual version. Furthermore, users should be informed about changes in the new eRecruiter versions.

System backup

Before upgrade to a new eRecruiter version a backup of the system (database and binary installation) must be carried out, since it is not possible to undo the upgrade using the installation routine. Before backing up the system should be taken offline, so no changes are performed after backup.

Prepare the update

The link for installation package download will be provided by the eRecruiter consultant or support upon request as it will ensure that the correct version is available including any customizations for the installation.

Windows Security

If the download is performed through Microsoft Internet Explorer, the browser will mark the ZIP package as downloaded from the internet. This will require to unblock the file to ensure the application will work properly after unzipping the package.

After unblocking the file the content of the package should be checked for completeness. It should include the following folders and files - there may be a base folder called eRecruiter in the package.

ApplicationPackage FolderTarget FolderTypeDescription
APIAPI<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\APIIIS/ASP.NET applicationeRecruiter API for integrations and applicant portals.
Applicant PortalApplicantPortal<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\ApplicantPortalIIS/ASP.NET applicationApplicant portal for job listings and applicant self-service zone.
Cron WorkerCronWorker<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\CronWorkerWindows Scheduler TaskBackground worker that is executed every 15 minutes to perform maintenance tasks.
Customer PortalCustomerPortal<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\CustomerPortalIIS/ASP.NET applicationPortal for internal customers that use the recruiting department as internal service.
eRecruitereRecruiter<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\eRecruiterIIS/ASP.NET applicationeRecruiter application for recruiting department

Document Analysis Service


DocumentAnalysis<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\DocumentAnalysisIIS/ASP.NET applicationCvParsing API for extraction of applicant data of Cv's
Media ServiceFileServer<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\MediaServiceWindows ServiceService to convert between different media types.
PortalPortal<ERECRUITER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin\PortalIIS/ASP.NET application(deprecated) The previous version of the applicant portal that has been deprecated.
version-X.Y.Z.BC---This files indicates the application version for the package.

Be aware that when upgrading from a Version below 2.24 the new Document Analysis Service has to be installed and configured. More info.

Performing the update

Disabling eRecruiter installation

To perform a smooth update the eRecruiter and all components must be disabled.Therefor the IIS and the eRecruiter Media Service must be stopped, this is done by the following 2 PowerShell commands:

Stop-Service W3SVC
Stop-Service eR-MediaService

Delete existings application files

Before the new application files can be copied from the update package to the server, all existing application files need to be deleted. For a pure overwriting the application files might result in version conflicts.

Erase the content (with the ecxeption of AppSettings.config und ConnectionsStrings.config - they include server-specific settings, which can not be recovered from the update package) of each affected application directory on the server but not the directories themselves, otherwise security or IIS settings are lost. All other files and subdirectories will be deleted.

Copy new application files

From the update package, the application files now needs to be copied in the associated application directories.

If there were manual changes in any application (as example entries in the Web.config file), these must be restored after update.

Restart eRecruiter installation

The eRecruiter Media Service and the IIS must be started after the update, this can be done by the following 2 PowerShell commands:

Start-Service eR-MediaService
Start-Service eR-FileServer

Database migration

When opening the eRecruiter URL in a browser, the database is automatically checked and necessary migrations are automatically carried out   - this can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

The database migration starts automatically after openening the eRecruiter-URL


After the update process has finished, the eRecruiter application should be tested to ensure full functionality.

  1. Open the eRecruiter application in the browser and login.
    1. Perform simple navigation through the application.
    2. Create a PDF from the workspace page by clicking the cog icon and selecting the option.
  2. Open the eRecruiter Customer Portal application in the browser.
  3. Open the eRecruiter API application in the browser.
  4. Open the eRecruiter Applicant Portal application in the browser.
    1. Open a job ad and verify the content of the page.
    2. Try to apply to a job ad
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